Drake Took Me On a Tour and I’d Like Another One, Please!


Drake’s “Would You Like a Tour” tour made its way to New Orleans this past weekend and I had the pleasure of attending in some nice Club Level seats. Special guests were Miguel and Future with a few surprises in the middle. First of all, Miguel gave me life. Life! His voice was absolutely amazing and his consecutive splits were very impressive! Then…Mr. Aubrey “Drake” Graham took over… *sigh* How much more can I rave about Drake and his performance? It was the best performance I’ve been to yet! Maybe that’s because I already love his album Nothing Was the Same and believe that my life so far can be summed up in almost all of his songs in that album and his singing was beautiful…but regardless, It exceeded my expectations and I was all up in those songs— rapping, singing, yelling them…because he really interacts with the crowd and you can’t help but feel like you’re really a part of the experience. Indeed, Drake, nothing was the same after I experienced your performance! Thank you for that :)

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